10th Masterclass - The New Norm begins with Visual Studio
Posted on 12 January 2015

The 10th Masterclass around the subject on Productivity and Productisation was organised by SiTF PPPO in partnership with Microsoft on October 27, 2014.  Wong Tack Wai, Director of Special Program Office, SiTF gave the participants an overview of this masterclass.  He started by sharing the trend on using cloud platform for development and deployment.  What many of us have learned in the past about having to buy servers and setting them up have to be unlearned as the industry moves towards cloud computing.

Taking Microsoft Visual Studio as an example, Tack Wai shared that when we first encounter Visual Studio years ago (or even decades ago), it could be seen like the size of Sentosa.  Today, Visual Studio 2014 version has grown in size and functionalities, the scale which akin to upsizing from Sentosa to the whole Singapore, to become a very comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite. 

Nobuhiro Ito, Director, Developer Experience in Microsoft Singapore elaborated on the scale of Visual Studio 2014, the modern ALM to enable productive development and deployment via Microsoft Azure cloud platform to meet the demands of modern business applications.


Rob Maher, a consultant who is certified in Scrum and Kanban, and an experienced coach with nearly 20 years of software development experience came in From New Zealand to share valuable insights about ALM. He viewed the ICM (IT, communication and media) function not a cost centre, nor a profit centre, but as a value maximer for an enterprise to thrive. He highlighted that the Agile process is the universal remedy for software development project setbacks. Agile processes have three times the success rate of the traditional waterfall method and a much lower percentage of time and cost overruns.


To strengthen his points, Rob brought the participants through a series of case studies on how Agile process helped salvaged several software development projects in various companies.

In the afternoon session, after a sumptuous buffet lunch provided by Microsoft Singapore, Poh Chee Yong from Microsoft Singapore and Colin Nah from Biz-Era.Net Pte Ltd took the participants through a workshop on Visual Studio.  Colin touched on the auto generation of test plan for newly coded application within Visual Studio.

At the end of the day, participants walked away with valuable insights about modern ALM capabilities within Visual Studio and gave good feedbacks about the master class.  SiTF PPPO would like to thank all the speakers for this masterclass, and Microsoft for providing the venue and refreshments!

To participate in our future masterclass and workshop, do visit theportal.sg to see the coming events.