PPPO Masterclass 5 – Lean Product Innovation - Be Lean! Be Innovative!

Selecting and understanding what features to develop for new products and services are difficult tasks. The level of uncertainty inherent in these activities requires an approach that acknowledges and is optimized for that uncertainty.

On 4th March 2014, over 25 participants came together to participate in PPPO’s 5th Masterclass on Lean Product Innovation at Marina Mandarin Hotel. The Masterclass was held in collaboration with Rally Software and IDA.

During the Masterclass, participants learned to adopt practices that an effective, disciplined explorer would utilise and how to balance execution and exploration inside the context of a large company using various frameworks from our distinguished speaker, Mr Ryan Martens, who is the CTO and founder of Rally Software.

Participants reflected on their businesses’ offerings and charted their positioning onto the innovation portfolio sheet. Mr John Okoro, Rally’s Service Director, was present to engage participants in their discussions.

Thinking hard to develop the innovation portfolio

Design Thinking was introduced by getting everyone to experience design thinking through a hands-on class exercise on redesigning a gift-giving experience. It was a novel and interactive approach as our participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly while learning how to use Design Thinking.

A booklet on Design Thinking was given out

Hands-on Design Thinking Exercise - designing a ‘gift’

Mr Ryan Martens introduced the Frame-Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop framework. This framework is supported by Innovation Sandbox and Lean Canvas templates to capture the discussions on framing the problem. Besides framing the problem, there is a need to frame the experiment too, using tools such as Empathy Maps and Experiment A3s. These disciplined practices will allow organizations to successfully navigate uncertainty, while not sacrificing their ability to execute.

Mr Ryan Martens discussing on framing the problem

Networking during the tea-breaks

In his last two slides for the Masterclass, Mr Ryan Martens showed the participants the sources for his teaching materials - a very respectable collection of books written by thought-leaders (see below). Participants cannot help but feel fortunate and grateful to Mr Ryan Martens who did a fabulous job of bringing out the key points gather from his rich experience and many thought-leaders on the subject of Lean Product Innovation within a day of class, bringing them up to speed on the topic and saving them many hours of reading to pick up the knowledge.

Group photo of our 5th Masterclass – Lean Product Innovation