Students Inspired By Drones Elective Workshop

From 25th to 28th May 2015, 55 students from Northbrooks Secondary School attended a workshop on drones conducted by SiTF Academy in the school. Besides learning about the types and uses of drones, each student was given a drone to learn to fly. A total of 11 teams, consisting of 5 students in each team came together to design, build and test fly a drone. At the end of the workshop, ten students won prizes for the best built drone. 

The students gained more interest in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and aviation throughout the program.  They were also introduced to the various education pathways that would help equip them with the right knowledge and skills to fulfil their career aspirations.

On the fourth and final day of the workshop, students tested their new found drone flying skills when they participated in a spot landing contest. 15 students made it to the semi-finals which were conducted in the school hall. Three students who clocked the fastest time made it to the finals.

Despite the large class size, safety was consistently maintained as no student was injured nor property was damaged in the four days of activities. To cap off the program, students saw a demonstration of a Phantom 3 drone taking photos and videos of them from the air in the school hall.

All the students gave very positive feedback on the workshop that they have attended and would go on to recommend the workshop to their peers.

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Aerial photo taken from a Phantom 3 Drone on the 4th Day of the Drone Elective Workshop in Northbrooks Secondary School