SITF Academy First Drone-Making Workshop!
Posted on 26th Jan 2015

Our first ‘Jumpstart Drone Making – The Basic Recipe’ drone-making workshop was conducted on 23rd January 2015 at IDA Labs @ National Design Centre.  This workshop is the further development from our monthly Introduction to Drone workshop after we heard numerous feedbacks about drone making. Thus our program director, Mr Wong Tack Wai, had diligently developed this drone-making program.

From the recipe, participants learned what to look out for when selecting components for their drones. Within the recipe, information on the variation in configuration for different components was given. The workshop contained step-by-step configuration of the flight controller to get the participant ready for the first flight of their DIY drone. Participants not just learned about the how-to, but also learned about the where-to get the parts to make their drones.

Hands-on With Drone Making Components During The Workshop

True to the spirit of productivity and productisation, two drones were produced from raw parts in the afternoon within 3 hours! Two very excited participants became happy test-pilots as they took their newly built drone on their first successful maiden test flight in the lab to ensure that all the parameters were correctly set-up on their newly created drones.

SiTF Academy would like to thank IDA Labs for the venue and Mr Colin Nah from Biz-Era.Net who shared valuable knowledge on setting up the DJI Naza-M V2 flight controller with GPS.

Fret not if you had missed this session, our next drone-making workshop will be on the 31st March 2015, you can register directly here. If you would like to learn about the basic of drone technology, join us in our Introduction to Drone session on 3rd March 2015, you can register directly here. For more photos of the drone-making, kindly proceed to SiTF Facebook Page.

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