Teamie’s cloud-based platform enables collaborative learning on-the-go

The ability to support collaborative learning on-the-go using different devices, the flexibility to scale, and the reduction in infrastructure management needs - these are some of the benefits that Teamie Pte Ltd brings to the table with its eponymous social learning platform which is aimed at making learning more collaborative and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Teamie allows schools, colleges and enterprises to create private learning networks that promote collaboration between learners and teachers. As a cloud-based social platform, it reduces the effort involved in managing the learning infrastructure and gives clients the flexibility to scale as they need to, explained Director Mr Ashwin Singh. Its native mobile apps for Android and iOS also enable learning on-the-go using different devices. “One of our strengths is the breadth of features that we offer through our platform that improve communication, collaboration and learning for our clients, without the need to deploy multiple platforms,” he said.

Founded in March 2011, the company has already received excellent feedback for its cloud-based solution, and this has helped it to win marquee customers in Singapore and Malaysia within a very short period of time, said Mr Singh. The Teamie platform is deployed by leading international schools, and multi-campus colleges in the two countries, and was featured in the International Herald Tribune in May 2012. It also outshone some 80 other startups from across Asia to win the Startup Arena at the Startups in Asia event in 2012, and went on to pick up the Gold award in the Startups category of the SiTF Awards 2012. 

When it was first launched, however, one of the biggest challenges that the company faced was handling concerns related to the cloud-based hosting. “Most of the prospects were not too sure about putting their data in a shared environment,” said Mr Singh. “However, the more we interacted with them, the more we realised that some of those fears were because lack of awareness.” 

To address their concerns, Teamie made sure that it highlighted the security measures deployed for the online application. This enabled the company to alleviate the concerns of its prospective customers. 

Teamie also recognised the fact that it was not alone in the education system, and developed APIs so that the platform can be easily integrated with third-party applications. “This takes away a lot of redundant work and administrative burden from our clients, while offering a seamless experience to users,” said Mr Singh. 

He believes that with fast-improving infrastructure, and the proliferation of devices and communication channels such as social networks, there is a tremendous opportunity for a platform like Teamie to improve education and learning process in schools, colleges and enterprises. 
“More and more users now understand the benefits of collaborative learning and with increased penetration of mobile devices, the next-generation learners are now looking for tools that enable learning on-the-go,” he said. “Also, improvements in infrastructure (cloud) and subscription-based pricing models give clients the option to spread their costs over time. This enables smaller clients to embrace technology now, which was not possible with the earlier business models that required heavy investments upfront.”

Going forward, the company intends to stay close to the market and remain focused on what its customers want. “The few areas that our customers have asked us to focus more on are the ability to integrate with existing user management systems and the introduction of more features in our mobile apps,” said Mr Singh. “We are working on both the areas and will release some exciting new capabilities to the market soon.”

Teamie is currently also exploring business opportunities in Asia and intends to improve its reach across the region by building reliable partnerships. “We feel that with the infrastructure improving in most of the Asian countries and with a lot more users embracing technology to collaborate online, there is a tremendous business potential for our cloud based solution,” said Mr Singh.