Gabkotechgives service management industry a boost with mobile and sensor-based solutions

Having won an SiTF Award for its iREP Security System in 2012, Innovez Solutions Pte Ltd has gone on to put itsproductisation experiences to good use, with the setting up of a new company focusing on mobile application development.

Innovez Solutions Pte Ltd was started in 2003 as a software consultancy specialising in technologies to help small and medium enterprises increase their business efficiency and lower their operational costs. In line with this, it developed customised software for a wide spread of industries such as education, insurance, gaming and retail.  Some of these solutions subsequently evolved into different products such as a Visitor Management System, Inventory Management System, Attendance Management System and the iREP Workforce Management System and iREP Security System.

The award-winning iREP Security System, for example, is a mobile reporting, maintenance tracking and monitoring system using Near Field Communications, GPS trackers and live image captures to facilitate security personnel in writing incident reports, take attendance of guards, and manage visitors to a site.

Not resting on its laurels, the Innovez team went on to set up Gabkotech Innovations Pte Ltd in 2012, to specialise in developing mobile application for Android phones, the iPhone, iPad, QT Nokia Phones and tablets.The company also integrates sensors and sensor networks within the cloud computing infrastructure to meet the needs of a dynamic and mobile workforce.

“Our main focus is to use mobile and sensor technologies to help the service management industry with workforce planning and scheduling, and allow service technicians to use mobile applications on their smartphones or tablets to report on work done onsite,” said Gabkotech’sManaging Director Mr Aaron Lee.

In developing its solutions, one of the key things that Gabkotech focuses on is to make sure that the product it creates fits the needs of the industries that it is targeting. This involves knowing and understanding the operations and the entire workflow of each industry and developing products that can be used across these sectors with little or no customisation.

“Research studies and domain knowledge of each industry that we are targeting is thus of vital importance to ensure that our products are idiot-proof, realistic and easy to use,” said Mr Lee.

Markets that Gabkotech is targeting with its solutions include companies in facility management, cleaning, pest control, security, mechanical and electrical engineering and other services industries.  “Our solutions help in curbing common challenges faced by these industries, such as the constant demand for management manpower and technical services, while at the same time needing to be cost-effective and profitable,” said Mr Lee.