Singapore Management University – Master of IT In Business (MITB)

Looking for IT talents to meet the technological and analytic needs of your organization and customers? Why not tap into postgraduate professionals who are advancing their skills and knowledge through a world-class curriculum at SMU-SIS. SMU-SIS offers the first and only master program in Financial Services Technology & Operations, and first master program in Analytics in Asia. Experience the WOW in innovation and breakthrough analysis via our much sought-after internships and capstone projects sponsorships. Allow our postgraduates to journey with you (typically between 4-6 months) as they tailor the latest best practices according to your needs. Make an enquiry today!
About the course
To find out more about MITB course delivery, curriculum, success stories and partners, please click here . The course includes 2 tracks,
Financial Services  (Topics include Banking Products & Processes, Operational Risk Management, Financial Markets, Payments, Asset Management)
Analytics (Topics include Visual, Social, Text, Customer, Operations and Big Data analytics)
Internship Timelines
There are 2 commencement periods per year,
Commencement : Apr & Nov
Duration : 4 to 6 months

Contact Info

Financial Services (edgarlow@smu.edu.sg)
Analytics (andrewkoh@smu.edu.sg)

 Nanyang Technological University
To find out more about NTU internship and recruitment programmes for 2015/2015, please click here to view the “Talent Recruitment@NTU 2015/16” catalogue.

Employers are encouraged to partner NTU in offering credit-based internship to NTU students. Every year, NTU places about 5,000 students in internship programmes with industry partners in Singapore and in overseas.
Internship programmes or job descriptions submitted by organisations will be evaluated by the relevant schools. Managed by Career and Attachment Office (CAO) of NTU, approved programmes are then put up for the students’ selection and applications.

For the undergraduate academics programmes, please click here
The next internship programme calendar for 3rd and 4th year Engineering students begins from 11 Jan to 28 May 2016. The contact person is Ms YAK Bee Hong bhyak@ntu.edu.sg / +65 6790-5764.
Organisations can offer their internship opportunities to CAO by:
Submitting the forms OR
Applying online via Attachment and Internship System (AIMS):
Organisations may post the positions at NTU NextGen Careers. Students may submit their secured placements under self-source to earn academic units. If you have further questions, specifically for the graduate recruitment activities, please contact Ms SEE Wai Yen atwysee@ntu.edu.sg / (65) 6908-1445. 

National University of Singapore, School of Computing


NUS School of Computing offers three types of internship programmes -the “Student Internship Programme (SIP)”,  “Advanced Technology Attachment Programme (ATAP)” & “Industry Internship Programme (IIP)”.
ATAP and IIP are both six-month programmes while SIP is a three-month programme. 

If your company would like to participate in the internship programme, please start by registering for an account at NUS School of Computing Internship System. 
Companies participate by invitation. On accepting the invitation, companies are registered with the programme, and could then deposit project proposals online according to the attachment timeline for the next interns deployment.

Student Internship Programme (SIP)
SIP is a full-time attachment programme, students on attachment serve their internship for three months between May-July.
SIP runs once a year from May to July. For May to July 2016 attachment, the online system opens for companies to submit project proposals from 14 Dec 2015 – 5 Feb 2016. 

Advanced Technology Attachment Programme (ATAP)
ATAP it is a full-time attachment programme that is offered twice a year, each for a period of six months: January to June, and May to November. Students’ progress on projects will be monitored during attachment, and their performance will be assessed at the end of the attachment, based on the interim and final project reports, and feedback from the company supervisors. 
ATAP runs twice a year from January to June and May to November. For May to November 2016 attachment, the online system opens for companies to submit project proposals from 14 Dec 2015 – 5 Feb 2016. While this is a full-time internship, companies students may take one or two half days off per week to return to school to take classes subject to approval by the company.

Industry Internship Programme (IIP)
IIP is specifically designed to have students work in a team of two or three for a single project. By working in teams, students will be able to take on a substantive project while acquiring complementary skills to help them work more effectively within a team setting.  
IIP is offered once a year for six months consisting of three month full time internship during the vacation period (May-Jul) and three months part-time during the study semester (Aug – Oct). For May to November 2016 attachment, companies who are willing to have their projects expanded to IIP projects may contact internship@comp.nus.edu.sg from 14 Dec 2015 – 5 Feb 2016.