12th Masterclass – Business IT Architecture

On 30 June 2015, more than 70 ICT professionals joined PPPO 12th Masterclass on Business IT Architecture.


SiTF PPPO partnered with Iasa Global and ATD.  Iasa Global (f.k.a. International Association for Software Architects) is a non-profit association for all IT Architects while ATD is a leading business IT architecture firm in Asia Pacific.


The keynote speaker was Simon Piff, AVP Enterprise Infrastructure at IDC AP. Simon spoke about IDC’s Digital Transformation MaturityScape.  The 5 stages in the model are broadly identified as Ad Hoc (where business and IT digital initiatives are disconnected), Opportunistic, Repeatable, Managed and Optimised (where the enterprise is aggressively using new digital technologies to affect market). The model helps to identify at which stage is an organisation, and the dimensions, outcomes and action required for businesses to digitally transform their operations, products and services.


The next speaker was Paul Preiss, the CEO and Founder of Iasa Global. His message was simple – IT folks need to earn a seat in the boardroom.  To do so, IT leaders need to know many tools uses to discuss business in the boardroom.  These includes ROI, NPV, DCF, IRR, Budget, Business Case, Review Board, TCO, Value Chain, Risk, Benefits Dependency, Strategy Maps, Balance Scorecard, Business Canvass, and Business Capability.


To illustrate the two previous speaker points, Dr Ariffin Marzuki Mokhtar, Director of Health Informatics from the National Heart Institute Malaysia shared his experience in embarking on a successful Enterprise Architecture transformation journey in healthcare. An anaesthesiologist by professional, Dr. Ariffin was task by the CEO to lead the institute into a high reliability and learning organisation to become a centre of excellence in cardiovascular and thoracic care. He has to map the what, how, where, who, when and why to connect the business requirement with IT system support.


Dr. Ariffin spent a few years to get himself certified in IT Architect and TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Forum), a de facto global standard for Enterprise Architecture.  With the TOGAF framework, he is able to actively engage the finance and IT management staff on the transformation journey.


Aaron Tan Dani, Chairman of Iasa Asia spoke about Enterprise Architecture (EA) 2.0 – A New Paradigm.  EA is not new, some who went to IT school would have learnt about it in software engineering class. Aaron shared a diagram to show how EA has evolved.  



In a nutshell, EA today is much more holistic, embracing business requirements with Business Architecture, Information System Architecture and Technology Architecture.  Thus,it was no big surprise when Aaron told the participants that South Korean is embracing EA on a very large scale.




TOGAF Framework

Particpants have found the masterclass to be very infortmative and useful.  PPPO will work with our partners to bring more workshops on EA and TOGAF for those who wish to dive deeper into this topics.  Do look out for our workshops under the EDUCATION tab in theportal.sg


PPPO will like to thank our partners Iasa Global, ATD and Progreso for helping to organise  this masterclass.



L – R : Aaron Tan Dani, Paul Preiss, & Wong Tack Wai