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 Annual Survey on Infocomm Industry 2015   Annual Survey on Infocomm Industry 2015
 Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower 2015   Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower 2015
 Annual Survey on Infocomm Usage by Enterprises 2015   Annual Survey on Infocomm Usage by Enterprises 2015
 Innovation   Innovate for the economy (Hong Kong 2016 Policy Address)
 Go Agile   Building an AGILE team
    Agile Software Development Management
    Agile for Dummies E-Book
    The Seven Deadly Sins of Agile Measurement
    Accelerating Agile Development through Rapid Prototyping
    Enabling a Transition to Agile
 Startup Right
  Understanding The Founders Agreement
    3 Reasons Why You Should Write an Employee Letter
 Software Design Effectiveness    Design Strategy & Software Design Effectiveness
    Use Coding Standards to Increase Efficiency and Productivity
    Increase Software Development Productivity
    Service Virtualization: The Next Generation of Test Environment Management
    Increase Productivity through Automation
    Application Delivery Optimization
 Intellectual Properties
  The Strategic use of IP to Enhance Competitiveness
    Time & Cost Efficient Dispute Resolution
 Cyber Security   Trend Micro - Hazards Ahead: Current Vulnerabilities Prelude Impending Attacks (New!) 
 Innovation   Is IT in Vogue?
    The Internet of Things (IOT)
    Fostering Innovation and Productivity with Serious Games
 Quality Software Design & Architecture
  Software Designers, Are you Biased?
    Source Code Escrow
    Roadmap for Coding Standards Implementation
    What is Unit Testing?
    Case Study: Increasing Software Quality in Java environment
    Techniques for Unit Testing Embedded Systems Software
    When, Why, How: Coding Analysis
    Strategies for Preventing and Detecting Errors in Embedded Software Development
 Commercialization   Ideation Fast Forward
  Infocomm Technologies Available
 Cost Effective Development
  Research brings cloud computing costs back to earth

Eliminating Third-Party Test Environment Access Fees
    Is a BYOD Approach to Mass Education Effective and Sustainable?
    Technologies that Make Developers’ Lives Easier
    Analytics in a Dash: Strategies to Speed Data Warehousing and Analysis in the Cloud
    Cloud Application Integration and Development Made Simple
 Industry Specific
  Hospitality: Accelerating Parallel Development of Highly-Interdependent
    Insurance: Reducing The Infrastructure Costs Associated with Staged Test Environments
    Financial: Removing Test Data Management Bottlenecks for Agile
    Financial: Guidelines on control objectives & procedures for outsourced service providers
    The Association of Banks In Singapore Outsourced Service Providers Guideline (Technology)
 Intellectual Properties   WIPO Fact Sheet
    SiTF-WIPO Collaboration
  WIPO Fees for SiTF Members
    Resolving IT Disputes by Arbitration  (New!)
    WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Rules   (New!)
    Guide to WIPO Mediation  (New!)
    Guide to WIPO Arbitration   (New!)
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