SiTF serves as the voice of the Singapore ICM industry and a catalyst for ICM adoption. It provides its members – who range from small and medium ICM enterprise s to multinational corporations - with opportunities to strengthen their capabilities, increase their market presence and extend their business reach. To achieve these objectives, SiTF focuses on the following areas:

ICM requirements matching – One of SiTF’s flagship programmes is MatchiT, which helps enterprises to match their ICM needs with relevant solutions provided by the ICM industry, thus opening up new business opportunities for our members. This is also part of SiTF’s efforts to create greater awareness of its members’ products, services and solutions, thereby helping them to increase both mindshare and marketshare.

  • Sharing of business intelligence – SiTF provides members with insights into the latest market trends and developments, so that they are better positioned to capitalise on new business opportunities.
  • Education and developmentThrough its various Chapters, SiTF works with stakeholders in the ICM industry to promote emerging technologies and ICM-related issues in areas such as Cloud Computing, Digital Media and Wireless, Green IT, Security and Governance. It also plays an active role in the development of Singapore’s human capital, with the SiTF Academy providing the ICM workforce with opportunities for continuous education and training.
  • Networking and business opportunities - Networking events are organised to provide opportunities for members to collaborate and establish new partnerships. Key events initiated by SiTF include the SiTF Infocomm Leaders Golf, SiTF Awards, SITEX and the ICM Business Summit.
  • Internationalisation – SiTF helps open doors for its members to venture into regional and international markets. For example, it has a representative office in Shanghai to help members gain inroads into the Chinese market.
  • Representation – SiTF provides leadership and gives a voice to the local ICM industry so that its members’ views may be heard at the national and international level.

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