Future of Work Conference

Future of Work Conference
This is how the future works

We live in a dynamic and evolving world. Broad adoption of new technologies, coupled with demographic changes, is transforming the way we work and live. Approximately half of today’s workforce consider themselves as “digital native.” They grew up with technology and expect to be connected with it at all times, from the devices they carry to the clouds and services they use. For this new generation, work is no longer a place – it is an activity. 

However, it is important to keep in mind the other half of the workforce—those who joined this digital revolution as adults, or who are still making the transition. Organizations must be focused on “digital dexterity” to ensure that all of their people can participate in digital transformation. This involves both cultural and technological advances—starting with modernization and simplification of business processes and applications, continuously looking at new ways to automate and, of course, ensuring the digital literacy of the entire workforce. 

In partnership, Citrix and SGTech are excited to play a role in this ongoing digital transformation by empowering people and organizations to seize the opportunities it offers. We invite you to join us at Future of Work Conference, as we share how we see the ‘future of work’ and our vision for a better way to interact with technologies that is people-centric, secure, flexible, and productive. 

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9/12/2018 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Marina Bay Sand 1 Bayfront Ave 018971 SINGAPORE

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