SiTF Industry Networking Session - 1 September 2015

Privacy and Security for Singapore Smart Nation by Mr John Yong

SiTF Security & Governance Chapter (SGC) organized the Industry Networking Session to create a platform for industry interaction.


Mr John Yong, Director of Infocomm Security Group of IDA was sharing the topic on Privacy and Security for Singapore Smart Nation. About 70 senior executives attended the session at ACE Ideation Centre.


He warned the audience that cyber security threats have increased over time and the impact could affecting any organizations and even government on a global scale. These threats have evolved and incidents have becoming more frequent, more sophisticated, and more targeted.


Therefore it is important to create the awareness so that organizations are better prepared in monitoring and responding to these threats by taking the necessary measures in reducing the level of impacts caused by these external threats.


Some impacts of compromised cyber security may include:

  • Reputational Cost;
  • Financial Loss;
  • Hijacking of Critical Infrastructure; and
  • Corporate Espionage




Participants from different industry attending the session



After 30 minutes speech, Mr Yong took several questions from the attendees.





Networking session allowing everyone to share expertise and experience.




Attendees enjoyed the food while they interact.            Mr Donald, Mr John and Mr Freddy (left to right) 



Attendees’ feedback that the session has provided in-depth understanding of the various type of threats, analyze the impacts to organizations and explore the various counter-measures available. The networking session has also been beneficial for exchanging of ideas and building relationships to foster greater collaborations with one another.


We would like to thanks IDA for supporting this event and our sponsors who have helped to make this session a success.





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