TopoTogo for Kids & Parents (多宝多国)

At the Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2016 held in Hong Kong, Little Travel Guides Pte Ltd won a Bronze with its app TopoTogo for Kids & Parents.

TopoTogo for Kids & Parents (多宝多国) is a mobile travel guide for explorers 6 years old and up, aims to make family travel fun & easy. With kids in tow, TopoTogo will be the only guide a family needs to bring. The creators of TopoTogo believes that to achieve a great trip, parents need to get a little help in logistics and children in embracing the city they're visiting. Thanks to TopoTogo, parents will know the family-friendly places to visit, the optimum time to visit in line with the family rhythm and are provided with family-friendly directory of tourism stakeholders. Children are told about the city's Culture, History, Heritage or Nature through 150 little stories: illustrated, animated and narrated.  What more, this app can be used on two devices and its available in English, Mandarin and Japanese.

Carrie Nooten, CEO and Founder said, “We were pleasantly surprised to be in final competing with the really well seasoned app developers in our Gaming & Edutainment Category. TopoTogo is still pretty young, so being in the final and winning the bronze says a lot about the work our team has put in. This award is an endorsement for our App’s originality and creativity, it’s a sign that TopoTogo is on the right path. It takes a lot of hard work to innovate, create new user experiences and build a brand at the same time.”

As to their future plans, Carrie added, “We are now focusing on City Storytellers. Our next app, TopoTogo Explore & Play targets the Asian Global traveller: a practical curated city guide that recommends what to see, where to go, helping local brands interact with tourists and with a giant Cultural Treasure hunt for those interested to go beyond and understand the cities they’re visiting. As a Singaporean company, we are happy to distribute Singapore Explore & Play through partnerships with hotels and online travel agencies with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board.”

Way to go, Carrie and team!  Congratulations on your win. 

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Crowdsav by Health Visual Pte Ltd

Crowdsav is developed by the team from Health Visuals Pte Ltd, a company which develops software solutions to tackle public health problems. This project evolved from the needs of the non-profit First Aid Corps, which aims to improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest by simplifying saving lives.

About the Crowdsac App

The Crowdsav platform and app currently has the largest database of automated external defibriilators (AEDs) worldwide. Dr Dana Elliot, CEO of Health Visual Pte Ltd said that they have organisations: both local and overseas which use the Crowdsav platform to publicise to their communities the locations of these lifesaving devices. These devices can be used by laypersons for victims of sudden cardiac arrests.

His team is finalising a clinical research paper on the use of the Crowdsav app for the benefit of those who undergo CPR training to retain their skills after their CPR courses. They are able to show that there are benefits of using the Crowdsav app for this purpose and the details will be published in this clinical paper in a scientific journal.

Dr Dana, “We are honoured for Crowdsav to be selected as a top-tiered product in this contest where the best from the region competed. We will endeavour to make Crowdsav beneficial to the rest of the world and in the process publicise Singapore as the first truly Smart Nation.”

Indeed, a life-saving app. Thank you Dr Dana and congratulations to Health Visuals Pte Ltd on winning a Certificate of Merit with the Crowdsav app in the Games and Edutainment segment.

SiTF is proud of you!

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