Drones Course for Ngee Ann Secondary School

Over a period of 2 days, a post-exam programme was conducted by SiTF for a class of Secondary 2 students from Ngee Ann Secondary School. The Drone Programme educated the students on the uses, applications and basic building of a drone. With a fun-filled experience at flying a mini drone, the students took turns piloting and familiarizing themselves with the flight controller.

The students learning Basic Flight Theory

Practical flying lesson 

The programme progressed into the students sketching their own drone design. With the provided materials, students enjoyed a hands-on experience and built their prototype before bringing their drone design into reality. Subsequently, they connected the battery and propellers and tested their newly built drone. Most were successful in getting their drone off the ground.

Well done, students! 

The kids building the prototype

Conceptualising the design

Students hard at work

To summarise their learning experience on the programme, the students had to do a poster presentation on the key learning points as well as explain the design of their newly built drone. The students found the programme fun and interesting as they could build their own drone. The presentation ended with the testing of the newly built drone and the winning group received a mini drone as a prize.

Time well spent!


Cheers to the students from Ngee Ann Secondary School