Government ICT Procurement: Processes & Initiatives

More than 75 Industry executives gathered at the SiTF Office on 25 October to gain a better
understanding on Government ICT procurement processes. Mr Koh Chin Yong, Deputy Director of the Procurement Division of the newly formed Government Technology Agency (GovTech) briefed attendees on the know-how on finding and bidding for Government contracts. He emphasized on the need for vendors to attend the tender briefings so that contract requirements and criteria may be clarified at an early stage. 

Ms Shirley Wong, Immediate Past Chairman, SiTF 

Mr Koh Chin Yong, Deputy Director, GovTech Procurement Division 

More notably, he shared on changes in the process: outcome based procurement. Outcome based
procurement, according to Mr Koh, could be likened to Agile where there would be various checkpoints along the contract process and this would provide vendors room to propose more solutions.

The Q&A saw vendors like Ms Lim Puay Kian of Ufinity Pte Ltd raising issues such as the difficulty in
meeting contract requirements such as the quoting of ‘Man Day Rates’. She feedback that ‘it is difficult to quote’ and is not meaningful and suggested for GovTech to consider ‘some leeway to quote in time based’ instead.

Ms Lim Puay Kian (standing) during Q&A

Mr Anurax Lian of Simple Solution Systems Pte Ltd raised the concern that the ‘but not limited to’ in the
statement of compliance resulted in much difficulty for vendors as such a phrase would suggest them ‘complying to additional compliance’ not known to them.

At the members’ only feedback session, facilitated by Ms Shirley Wong, Chairman of the Government
Procurement Committee, there was passionate and robust interaction between members as they shared on their difficulties in bidding for Government projects as well as the implementation of these projects. The overall suggestion was for a re-look at existing contracts so that the process would be more streamlined and meaningful for both Government and vendor.

Ms Mah Yu Ling (center) during Q&A

In discussion