PPPO Master Class 3 - Make Innovation Real on 5 March 2013
Posted: 06 March 2013

Many a times, we dwell and spend time & resources on developing the best products. However, the products might not be up to users’ expectations; the products become easily replaced by a competitive equivalent; the products are totally thrown off tangent by a disruptive innovative product in the market.

Don’t it sound all too familiar?

During the opening speech by Mr. Andrew Chow, Chairman of PPPO and Mr. Andrew Khaw, Senior Director of IDA, it was mentioned that to assist and increase the capabilities of infocomm enterprises, SiTF Productivity & Productisation Program Office (PPPO) was set up. In addition, PPPO conducts a series of Productivity Masterclass, with the support of Infocomm Development Authority (IDA).

Opening Speech by Mr Andrew Khaw, Senior Director of IDA (left) and Mr Andrew Chow, Chairman of PPPO (right)


Today, SiTF PPPO conducted her 3rd Productivity Masterclass: Make Innovation Real, by frog Design, a global innovative firm. Supporting agencies for this Masterclass includes Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

4 speakers from Frog (center 2 and back 2) with SiTF Executive Director(front left)


The Masterclass was very well received with more than 100 participants from the infocomm technology sectors, government authorities and institutes of higher learning. The participants feedback that the sessions were very engaging and provoked them to think design as a holistic change rather than a linear change.

More than 100 participants attended the Masterclass: Make Innovation Real on 5 March 2013


Topics covered by frog includes:

• Introduction of Product Development from a User’s Perspective

• Understand the Market and Consumer Insights to Inspire Innovation

• Design: Insights Become Ideas and Experiences

• Agile: Iterative Design + Development

• Developing a Viable Business Strategy

• Managing Innovation

Some key take-aways shared by Mr. Steve Boswell, General Manager, Asia of Frog Design includes:

  • “Vision is Everything”
  • “People are Paramount”
  • “Nurture Your Rebels”

Key Take Away:
Global innovation firm frog came to share how design can change the world and how companies can adopt user-centric (development of products from the users’ perspective) inter-disciplinary approaches to make their ideas real. They spoke about how insights can become meaningful experiences through design and case studies of market and consumers’ insights inspired innovation were shared. Fine tuning developments through iterative designs, development of a viable business strategy and innovation management were also covered to provide the participants with inspiration to make innovation real!