Learn & Earn – Build Mobile App Productively

Posted: 8 July 2014

On 20 June 2014, the founder of CreateApp, Mr. Eddie Fong taught a group of 10 participants to build apps without the need for coding, simply by using CreateApp’s The Apps Building System (TABS). 

Hands on app building started immediately after each participant loaded the CreateApp apps into their respective Android or iOS mobile devices (see above) and log into the CreateApp program in their respective notebook (see below) where participant use TABS interactive platform filled with “Drag and Drop” modular functionalities for building the app. 

As soon as participants save the changes made in TABS in their notebooks, they were able to see immediately the results on their mobile device. The participants had a great time building an app by themselves. They agreed that TABS is an innovative solution to productivity produce a mobile app for an organization.

Eddie shared that it is important to understand what the needs of the businesses are before creating the contents in the app. For an app to be successful, Eddie shared that the app needs to be marketed through various channels including social media to get 5,000 people to download and use the app. He also provided the participants a business model on how to create apps for potential customers.

SiTF PPPO would like to thank Mr Eddie Fong for a great session and providing the afternoon refreshments for tea break. From the resounding success of the first session of Learn and Earn, SiTF PPPO will be running the second round of Learn and Earn. You can register for the next workshop here