PPPO Masterclass 8 - Dynamic Channel Excellence

Updated as at 22nd July 2014

On the 9th July 2014, PPPO had its 8th Masterclass on Dynamic Channel Excellence.  Working with IDA, we have invited Mr Cam Wayland from Channel Dynamics Australia to share his expertise in channels development and management. Cam has 28 years of sales channel development and management experience across both the IT and Telecommunications industries.

A total of 15 participants which comprise mainly of the C-level from various Infocomm Local Entreprise (iLE) had a great time with Cam. He shared about how to identify the right channel partners to enlarge a company’s sales footprint through the use of the DynamicDSI Model which is the core 3 phrase, 10 steps methodology developed by Channels Dynamic.

DynamicDSI Model (© Channel Dynamics)

The DynamicDSI Model helps company to have a good overview of their company business, to identify the right channel partners and making sure that both partners and company business will perform well. It is important to have a set of criteria for partners’ selection based on mutual business goals. Cam emphasised that company are to carefully select their partners, and not to just causally collect them.

Cam also presented several tools to assist the channels development efforts of the iLEs. These included the Partner Profiling Model to help companies to identify ideal partners, Stakeholder/Partner Map Template to help companies to map the internal and external stakeholders that will have influence to attain business goals, Channel Partner Reviews and The Elevator Pitch.

The participants were all engaged by Cam’s sharing and asked numerous questions with regards to their current situations. Many of the participants shared that the Masterclass had provided insights on both productivity and productisation through their feedbacks.

SiTF PPPO would like to thank Cam Wayland for conducting the masterclass and workshop with useful sharing of his rich channel experience with the participants.  SiTF PPPO would also like to thank IDA for supporting this masterclass and workshop, making it very affordable for ILEs to attend.