Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) is one of the most powerful online advertising platforms available. Not only does it give you access to their partner websites on the search and display networks, but if properly optimised, Adwords advertising Singapore can provide local businesses with the ability to target customers at a granular level for a higher conversion rate. Adding AdWords marketing services to the mix of owned and earned media will create a domino effect: more clicks, more visits and ultimately, more people converting on your website. Arguably, most businesses have an AdWords account but not everyone is optimising their efforts to get the most out of their budget. If you’re struggling to see visitors converting or want to see how else you can maximise your efforts, check to see if you’re making these mistakes. With years of experience as an Adwords management agency Singapore, here are some mistakes we see clients make before they come to us. 

Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) Mistakes to Avoid from expert AdWords management agency Singapore

1. Not using appropriate keyword matches

Google AdWords allows you to choose from three types of keyword match types: broad, phrase and exact match. These matches will bring up different queries and it’s important to optimise which one would work best for you. Although broad match may provide you with the highest clicks you may notice a low conversion rate because you’re targeting a whole host of users. On the flip side, you may notice few click-throughs with exact match keywords, however, your conversion is likely to be higher. When starting out, we recommend using exact phrase match keywords and then transitioning into phrase and broad matches as you understand your audience search behaviour better.

2. Not using ad-extensions

A compelling headline and meta description isn’t enough to garner clicks and conversions. In fact, having a few CTA options in your ad can give various pathways for users to enter into your site. The backend of Google AdWords makes it incredibly easy for you to add a call extension, location or a few product pages. If you’re using ad-extensions, the key is to make sure that your landing pages are optimised. If you have a clothing store online and a visitor clicks on a woven bags product page, if your page isn’t optimised for what the user clicked for, they will immediately leave.

3. Not using negative keywords

A big mistake we see with our clients making before they come to us is the lack of negative words. You will most definitely see businesses optimise for a variety of words but ignore negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that you don’t want to bid for and don’t want your ad to appear for. For instance, if you are a recruitment agency placing ads for STEM careers, you may want to avoid your ad running for words such as “STEM jobs” because a job may imply a short term commitment whilst a career is a long term interest. Using negative keywords means you can save on costs, avoid dead-end clicks and instead optimise for the right visitor with the purchase intent you can match. 

Google AdWords is a non-negotiable need for any business online. As one of the highest visited websites across the world and the most commonly used search engine, putting in the effort to run your ads on Google AdWords will have you reaping benefits. However, it’s more than just creating a campaign and using a few keywords. Strategically optimising your ads can help you find the most efficient way to target users who will most likely convert. If you’re ready to see results with using Google Adwords services Singapore, reach out to Digital Squad, your digital marketing agency Singapore. Give us a call on how we can optimise your ads.