Solar energy is quickly turning into everyone’s favorite source of energy all over the world. The reason behind this is obvious – it is cheaper, does not require a lot of maintenance, and most importantly it is better for the environment. Unfortunately, solar power is still largely perceived as an alternative energy source rather than the primary one.


Nonetheless, the industry is expected to experience significant growth in the near future. In the year 2016 alone, there are more people working in solar compared to oil, coal, and gas combined. With industry growth comes great job opportunity – so whether you are just starting or interested in switching to this attractive industry, here are some reasons to consider a career in the solar industry.


Contribution to The Community and Environment

Stability, opportunity, and job growth is important, but what people often overlook is the importance of morale and job satisfaction. When you work for the best solar farm companies, your work contributes to the environment by reducing pollution and fighting climate change. In addition to that, the installation of commercial and residential solar panel farm can result in massive savings for people. As they eliminate their electric bill, these savings will contribute to the overall economic development, resulting in even more job growth.


Salary and Industry Growth

Solar clean energy sectors are not backing down anytime soon, and hence the demand for its workforce is likely to continue growing in the near future. In the past 10 years, the solar workforce has grown by 159%, adding about 150,000 jobs. All around the world, people are showing increasing support for the clean energy economy, as shown by the bigger investment for the construction of solar farm by governments, homeowners, and businesses. Due to their high demand, jobs in the solar industry pay very well and therefore salary growth tends to be very common as you gain more skills and experience in this field.


Perfect for Switching Industry

Many jobs that were once solid options for a paycheck in the past are non-existent today. For instance, we no longer hire telegraphs or keypunch operators. It is predicted that careers in non-renewable energy fields, such as coal miners, might fade away soon. If you want to seek out a career in renewable energy, try working at a solar farm construction companies

At Lightsource bp, we believe that America’s energy landscape is transforming, and people are seeking for clean, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solution. By choosing a career with us, you will join a team that truly cares about creating a more sustainable future for our world. Be the change and join Lightsource bp career today.