Believe it or not, but on average over 500 billion videos are viewed every single day on Youtube. That is a crazy amount of reach for digital marketers to get their hands (or eyes in this case). However, YouTube’s capabilities are no secret anymore, which makes it harder to stand out from amongst the crowd, making it more important than ever for digital marketers to revisit their marketing strategies. Take a look at the tips below which can assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to your YouTube advertising budget to ensure that you are actually gaining the attention of your target audience and increase your ROAS (return on ad spend). 


Select your YouTube Ad Format Wisely 

There are 6 types of ad formats available, which can be categorised under two headings: Video Ads and Non-Video ads. Video ads include trueview ads, non-skippable ads and bumper ads. Non-Video ads include overlay ads, display ads and sponsored cards. Read up on the benefits of each here and determine which format will best suit the goals of your marketing campaign. If you are still unsure, the best option to take would be to trial a few different formats and test to see which works best. 


Segment In-Stream and Discovery Ads into Different Campaigns

Just how you would select between the Google Search Network and the Google Display network, you should be doing the same when it comes to YouTube video ads, however instead you will be selecting between In-Stream ads and Discovery Ads. 


In-stream ads play before, during and after videos whereas discover ads appear next to related YouTube videos (within the search results or next to other content on the Google Display Network). 


Take Advantage of YouTube Targeting Options

Although YouTube is predominantly used by digital markets for video advertising, ultimately it is no different to the more conventional platforms (such as Facebook and Google). Therefore, in saying that, it means that you should take a look at the targeting options that are available on YouTube. With the options of demographic targeting as well as affinity audiences, custom affinity audiences and in-market audiences, there are no excuses when it comes to targeting.


Video Remarketing 

Set up video remarketing with YouTube! Remarketing is a great way to ‘sweep up the crumbs’, meaning to convert all of the consumers who have yet to purchase but have shown interest. 


Native Inspired Content

The world we live in is so over populated when it comes to advertising and marketing, making it harder for marketers to cut through the mess and leave a lasting impression upon their audience. Shift your mindset and ensure that all of your advertising content is made from a high quality and will not annoy and irritate your audience. By making it feel natural and native with less of a ‘sales push’, you will heighten your chances of connecting with your consumer. Take a look at Glenda Wynyard’s YouTube account. Hosted by The Media Precinct, Glenda Wynyard’s account shows the power of YouTube videos for business and career purposes. Needing assistance? Visit Glenda Wynyard via LinkedIn.


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