For the last ten years, search engine marketing (SEM) has been a game-changing tool for most companies. However, today, it is simply not enough to rely on a simple ad for driving traffic to your websites. Search has become so complex that it is prohibitively difficult for the average individual to create a successful search ad.

Moreover, the update from Google AdWords to Google Ads brings many new features, including more automated and smart options, like Smart Campaigns. So, what are the recent trends, key opportunities, and challenges of Google Ads Performance?


1. The Value of Marketing Dollars Will Drop

Do you know that around 95% of the sales revenue generated by Google comes from their advertising products? That number translates to a whopping $100 billion by the end of the year, a record-breaking revenue from this alone, which means more and more companies are placing online ads.

What this means is that company expenditure on advertising cost is at an all-time high. If this is true, what’s coming next is called the marketing storm, where the competition for ranking and the price of keywords reaches new heights. This will make SERP a much more crowded space as advertisers compete for the best position, which will make it increasingly difficult to succeed with Google Ads without a substantial budget.


2. Smart Feature that may bring complications

There are new features and options that are updated in Google Ads, including automated and smart assistance options. For example, Smart Campaigns features new and updated tools that are integrated directly into the Google Marketing platform

These great, innovative updates offer great potential advantages, however they can turn into a double-sided blade for its users. While these updates have great potential and open up possibilities for professionals, the same features may confuse and discourage novice search advertisers. Because of this new complexity in Google Ads, it may force general marketers to seek out an agency that specializes in Google Ads for help. If you are seeking AdWords marketing services in Singapore, contact Digital Squad.


3. Voice Search

Although Voice Search has been around for years, only the big players – think Amazon, Google, Apple – are investing big money in this strategy so far. However, with the recent development in gadgets and devices, more and more people are now accessing Google Search using voice assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, or Google, rather than typing their search queries. This will undoubtedly change keywords competitions, as more and more words will be used when complete questions are asked.


4. Online-to-Offline Tactics

Local Google Ads campaigns are gaining popularity among advertisers due to their success rate. Before making any purchase, prospective customers usually seek online information about all purchasing options for a product. Online purchase options are just the start of their search.

Many people then continue to visit a physical store which they have researched online as purchasing physically is still considered more safe and reliable for some, especially for luxury goods. Google has long noticed this trend and discovered ways to make it profitable for advertisers. Google Ads can now display store inventory, making it easy for customers to see whether a product is still available in-store, which in turn, can be an excellent motivator to come and purchase, thus increasing offline store traffic.


So, why not take this opportunity to invest and improve in your company? A professional agency will help you discover how incredibly profitable Google Ads advertising can be. Our advice? Talk to an expert in AdWords Marketing, like Digital Squad. They give the best advice for AdWords in Singapore.