Did you know that the Google Display Network has the power to reach and influence over 90% of internet users from across the world. This means that you have the potential to market your product/service/message to the majority of internet users who are visiting websites, apps and videos. However despite these crazy statistics and enormous reach, digital marketers are still hesitant towards platform, but why is that?

There are two google adwords platforms that digital marketers can use to serve their ads on google’s search engine; the Google Display Network and the Google Search Network. The difference between the two networks is quite linear, with the fact that the display network displays an image / visual ad on sites that the user regularly visits which can include websites, video and app platforms. Whereas, the Google Search Network targets a user who is specifically looking for a product/service and the ads are text ads (no visual aid). 

The reason why digital marketers may steer away from the Google Display Network is because on the surface the search network sounds more appealing right? Users are specifically looking to purchase so why wouldn’t you advertise in such a space to grab the sale? As, if you don’t, you will be losing that sale to one of your competitors as the consumer is going to purchase regardless. Although this is true, it does not mean that the Google Display Network should be disregarded. 

The Google Display Network should be seen as more of a passive approach to marketing and advertising. Although the consumers that you are targeting are not specifically searching the net to purchase a product, your ad first of all helps to increase brand awareness and impressions. Secondly, your ad may remind or inform the consumer of how they want or need your product without them having realised it, therefore opening up your brand to a whole new market. 

Furthermore, with the Google Display Network, you are able to create visually appealing and beautiful ads and perhaps interactive (HTML5) ads that can create a positive and warming first impression within the audience’s minds. Whereas with the Search Network, with it just being text, the audience cannot visualise the product/service that you are trying to sell asides from their own imagination, which opens up the arena for disappointment. 


In saying all of that, neither should be disregarded as both platforms have their own benefits and flaws that are unique to them. Therefore, digital marketers should use these platforms within their own ways that will be most beneficial to them. Perhaps you are wanting to create your own google display network remarketing campaign or maybe you are just wanting to build your own google display network Singapore campaign? Either way, Digital Squad is an award winning digital marketing company Singapore who will be able to assist you every step of the way whilst delivering optimal results within your campaigns. For more, contact Digital Squad Singapore today!