Within the past year alone, YouTube has proven itself to digital marketers as being one of the biggest advertising and marketing platforms available. According to Hubspot, YouTube is the second-biggest search engine after Google, with an average of 1.9 billion monthly active users. Out of these figures, 50 million are content creators who upload approximately 576,000 hours of video to Youtube each day, opening up an expansive amount of marketing space for digital marketers to take advantage of. Discover the ins and outs of Youtube Advertising and how you can implement it within your own digital marketing strategies. 


YouTube Video Ad Formats

Considering YouTube is a video platform, it is fairly obvious that video ads are the most effective and efficient way to get your message across to the audience. There are three video ad categories which include:


TrueView Ads 

These ads are skippable ads that appear at the beginning of YouTube videos. Out of the three types, they are considered to be the lowest risk for digital marketers as you only pay when the ad has:


  • Played for 30 seconds or longer 
  • Prompted an action (such as a click)


And because TrueView ads can be skipped after five seconds, you don’t waste money on uninterested audiences. Furthermore, these types of ads obtain a larger audience as they are shown at the start of videos (whereas bumper ads are shown at the end and often a lot of people will click out of videos before they have finished). 


Non-skippable Video Ads  

Although extremely annoying as a viewer, these ads can be quite beneficial to marketers as people cannot skip past. There are two types of non-skippable ads: Pre-roll ads, which appear before a video starts and Mid-roll ads which appear at the middle point of a video (applies to videos which are 10 minutes or longer). 


Bumper Ads

Considered as the more tolerable version of non-skippable ads, bumper ads last for six seconds and appear at the end of YouTube videos, paid for on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis. As these ads are quite significantly short, they are a great way to target mobile users or to recycle existing longer content that you may already have, breaking down 6 second snippets to create new ads. 


Non-video ad formats on YouTube

Perhaps you are new to the world of video marketing and are not ready just yet to take the leap. Fear not, YouTube still allows for non-video ads to be shown within the platform. Again, just like video ads, there are three types:


Overlay Ads 

Overlay ads are banner advertisements which can often be seen running along the bottom of a youtube video at any given point in time. They can be text ads or can include visual elements. 


Display Ads 

Display ads can be seen above the video suggestions list. Fun Fact: they can also be managed within Google Ads, which allows you to double up with the Display Network, ensuring that you are achieving maximum reach. 


Sponsored Cards

Sponsored cards are small pop-ups that appear within the YouTube video which gives viewers the opportunity to click on to see the card at its full size. 


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