When it comes to search results, there are two kinds: paid and organic. Organic search occurs naturally, is unpaid and is determined by search engine algorithms (and can be optimised through SEO techniques, search engine optimisation). Paid search on the other hand is where you can pay to have your website displayed at the top of a particular search engine results page that is relevant to your site / target keywords. With this type of search, you pay either based on clicks or view of the ads. Some marketers suggest to rely on both paid and organic search whilst others solely rely on one individual type. Although paid search is much easier and is less time consuming, it does involve you to open your wallet. If you can optimise your search results so that you appear within the first page (for free) why wouldn’t you?! Put the time and effort in at the start and the results will follow and all you will need to do is manage / track how it goes later on. 


Why your business needs SEO to optimise your organic search rather than paid 

  • Organic SEO is over five times more effective than paid per click advertising in generating high quality leads.
  • SEO attracts the best leads as inbound leads from SEO have 14.6% close rates, whereas outbound leads (cold calling and direct mail) have a 1.7 % close rate.
  • Research states that on click-thru-rates from AWR, the first 3 organic listings capture 55% of all desktop search traffic and 45% of all mobile search traffic.
  • Over 50% of local customers from SEO convert within 24 hours of initiating search.
  • First page search results get 92% of all visitors with top 3 results attracting 50% of all clicks.


The key tip that we have to share with you today is to get your organic search results in line before you even start to look at paid search. Organic search results speak more volumes than paid search as it shows you have appeared there without having to buy your way up to the top, therefore automatically you already look more credible. We get it though, it can be overwhelming and quite daunting to know where to start when it comes to SEO! The easiest and best way for you to start your SEO journey is to reach out to an SEO Agency Singapore as they will know exactly how to optimise your results and get you to the top where you belong! Digital Squad are an award winning SEO Company Singapore who have an award winning method that is tailored to each individual company that they follow in order to achieve winning results.  Following the steps, Digital Squad are the SEO Agency that you need: 

  • Initial Audit 
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Discovery
  • Onpage optimisation 
  • Domain authority 
  • Content strategy 


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