About 90% of the world’s data has been produced in the last two years, launching us into what Deloitte has dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution in their Paper, “Global Marketing Trends”. Technology has changed the way we think, learn, act, and shop—and the B2B sector is included. However, when it comes to B2B marketing, many B2B business owners I know have, on some level, made the same mistake: treating their sales and marketing strategies like it’s still 1999.

If you’re still in that same boat, read below! Here are condensed tips for everything you need to know about creating a winning B2B Marketing strategy.


Creating a plan before you’ve prepared is similar to bungee jumping before you measured the rope – it’s potentially leading to your death. If you haven’t gathered insights about your audience, don’t have a marketing framework to operate within, or don’t understand the three crucial elements of a sales-driving plan, you won’t see success with your 2020 B2B marketing plan. 

Firstly, understand the B2B Digital Transformation and the Modern B2B Buyer Journey. The majority of B2B business owners I speak with understand—at some fundamental level—that the digital transformation changed business as usual. And that includes the way buyers look for and find B2B vendors. Traditionally in B2B sales, there was one primary buyer. They followed a predictable, controlled path like the traditional marketing funnel we always use in any digital marketing guides we find online.

However, it has changed and the new B2B buyer’s journey is now a looping, multi-person online journey full of twists and turns as they flip back and forth through the research and discovery stages. The new B2B buyer behaves like a B2C consumer, and they expect the same purchase experience and level of service. Nowadays, 80% of B2B buying decisions are based on a buyer’s direct or indirect customer experience, and only 20% is based on the price or the actual offering.

In order to create a customer experience that solves for each task and guides your target audience through the buyer’s stages, your B2B marketing plan should have three components: demand generation, lead generation, and retention & recovery. The top marketing strategies to accomplish these three components include having a great website, remarketing, and marketing automation – including email marketing.

Moreover, have a professional website design is more crucial than ever because your website is arguably your most valuable marketing asset in your possession. It gets its own section because it plays such a massive role in every single stage of the buyer’s journey. Half of all B2B customers today expect a supplier’s website to be a helpful channel, and more than a third expect the site to be their most effective channel. That number will get bigger as more Baby Boomers leave the workforce, and more millennials (and soon, Gen-Z) take on buyer roles.


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