No matter how great of a website you have, if your audience is bouncing off your site, you may as well not have a site. Even if you have a killer user interface and have integrated plug ins to have a stellar user experience, your visitor engagement is the panacea of a website’s performance. In light of this, as experts on all things digital, the team at Digital Squad, a digital marketing company Singapore, has put together tips to increase audience engagement on your website. 

First, what does it mean to improve audience engagement? When you have visitors coming to your site, you want them to engage or partake in the content and offerings on the site. That can be reading your blog posts, filling out forms or other call-to-actions you have placed across your site. With that in mind, what can prompt visitors to engage with your website?

1. Quality Content

Although it’s great to be refreshing your website’s content on a daily basis, if you’re uploading new posts that are lacklustre and subpar, your audience won’t do much to engage with them. You’d rather have more meaningful content that your audience is genuinely interested in and will lead them to read and even share on their own personal platforms. In order to do this, research trending topics within your industry and see what your audience wants to read. Always aim to answer a pain point with your content. 

If you’re struggling to find spare time to write quality content, leave the hard work to the experts. Digital Squad, a digital marketing company Singapore, can help identify trending keywords and topics, come up with engaging content and write copy that your audience will want to read.

2. Use your Social Shares

Say you’ve written some stellar blog posts or other tidbits of information your audience will find useful. Don’t wait for your readers to come to them, instead, bring your readers to your articles. Share them on social media – whether that be LinkedIn or Facebook or even an Instagram story. Post it on groups across platforms. The more engagement you have with your content, the more your audience will, as well.

Additionally, make sure you have social share buttons on the blog posts, as well. Make them stand out so your audience doesn’t have to go looking around for it. Online platform, Medium does a great job of integrating the highlight tool on their articles that make tweeting parts of a read easy.

how to improve your website engagement

3. Improve Website Speed

Website speed plays a role in overall user engagement. Whether your visitor is ready to convert or is simply visiting for the first time, if a website takes longer than two seconds to load, you’ve lost that lead. And first impressions last, so don’t do a disservice to your business (or website) by not rigorously checking for website speed.

Let Digital Squad help you with your conversion rate marketing

How your audience interacts and engage with your website is key to promoting action taken on your site. Whether that be a call back, a sign up or a purchase on your e-commerce store, it’s something no website should ignore. If you’re looking for guaranteed white hat techniques that optimise your conversion rate, engagement is sine qua non. Let the team at Digital Squad ensure your website is up to speed with conversion rate marketing