A piece of jewellery can have a significant impact on your overall looks. Whether you are heading to work or meet up with friends, your outfits are not complete without a piece of jewellery. Now, If you are someone who never purchases jewellery before or you are afraid of trying something new. We recommend you to try putting on a few pieces of jewellery, because not only that you will look more stylish, but it will also boost your confidence from the inside. Here we gather all time classic women’s jewellery that is a Must-Have and never go out of style.




Simple yet elegant bracelets never die, it matches easily with any looks you are into.  Some women have one or two bracelets that they wear all the time on their casual days to complete the looks, for example pendant or tennis bracelets. At the same time, save the special ones for the special occasions.


Pendant Necklace


Another very special piece of jewellery is pendant necklaces. When a pendant necklace is on the woman’s body, it magically increases the attractiveness of a woman. Having an elegant pendant hanging can be very eye-catching and attractive without having to be too exposed by wearing large pieces of jewellery.


One of the most popular and classic of all time is diamond pendant necklace white gold. Classic, elegant, and enhance a little bit of the luxury looks to your casual days.


Diamond Earrings


Whether you are going out for lunch with the girls or enjoying the anniversary dinner, diamond earrings are perfect for any occasion.


You can increase the beauty of your diamond earrings by selecting the one that suits you the most. Diamonds jewellery come in many colors that allow you to choose from. At Infiniti Jewels, the specialists offer the most luxurious color diamonds jewellery in Singapore. Whether they are pink diamond, or emerald gemstone earrings, they offer a wide selection for you to choose from.




Rings are another good alternative if you are not into much of the bracelets or necklace. Having a few rings can save you a lot, especially when you have to attend fancy events or special occasions and run out of stunning outfits. The rings will not only boost your confidence from the inside but also will make your outfit appear luxuriously stunning.


If you need help choosing a piece of jewellery that is most suitable to you, Infiniti Jewels are Singapore’s most exclusive diamond jewellery brand who have been working with diamonds for almost 30 years. They offer a wide range collection, from an elegant pendant necklace to color diamonds rings. Check out more of their products and services here or contact them to arrange a virtual consultation.