Each year of marriage passed represents a beautiful love story, so every anniversary is worthy of celebration. However, some years are considered as landmark or milestone years, which deserve some extra efforts. Here are some gift ideas for each milestone anniversary.


1st Year Anniversary

The first anniversary should be memorable and precious, so most couples opt for gold jewellery as the first gift. This is because gold represents longevity and faithfulness, hence it perfectly symbolizes the memories that you have shared this far, as well as signifying your hope for the years to come. For a simple gift, get a stackable pink gemstone ring with a white or rose gold band.


10th Year Anniversary

It is customary to get a diamond jewellery for the 10th anniversary as it represents beauty, eternity, and loyalty. Most people get an eternity ring, but you can also opt for another type of diamond jewellery such as a pendant, necklace, or a set of earrings. Just make sure you get yours from the best diamond jewellery in Singapore to get the best diamond jewellery quotes for your loved ones. The stunning pink gemstone makes for a memorable anniversary gift.


25th Year Anniversary

The 25th year together is often referred to as the “silver” year, hence a silver anniversary gift marks your silver jubilee year together. From sterling silver pieces to white gold and platinum that carries a silvery color, there are plenty of 25-year anniversary gifts to choose from. Some choose an eternity band from private jewellers Singapore to highlight their wedding set, while others opt for a single piece like a diamond bracelet.


35th Year Anniversary

Having spent over three decades together, your marriage must have been full of color and beauty, which can be perfectly represented by green gemstones. There are three options for 35-year anniversary gifts—jade, coral, emerald—but emerald gemstone Singapore is the most popular option, as it is often praised for its lush colour and deep beauty. Opt for a set of earrings or a pendant with an eye-catching emerald for a gift that will capture her heart.


50th Year Anniversary

The 50th year together is called your golden jubilee, which symbolizes your beautiful relationship that has lasted for so long. For this reason, the 50th milestone should be commemorated with gold jewellery with inset diamonds that you can get from diamond jewellery brands, such as Infiniti Jewels.


No matter the year, diamond jewellery is always a beautiful, classic gift that fits perfectly with any color of precious metal. In the end, the best gift may differ between each couple, so pick whatever feels right and represents your love.