The Covid-19 pandemic hit the wedding industry pretty hard. Venues are closing, vendors are going out of their businesses, and couples are scrambling to reschedule their wedding, or possibly even canceling. But afraid not, for we’re all in this together. Throughout history, economic crises and natural disasters are always there to haunt the wedding industry. The bust, 9/11, 2008 recession, tornadoes, and earthquakes – you name it. And yet love always wins, and it will be too this time. 


You may be worried about the potential impact of Covid-19 on your wedding, however there’s no reason to be. Instead of joining the pity party, in this article, we would like to share some tips and resources to help you get through these uncharted waters, no matter how you’re planning to proceed. 


Continue the Wedding Planning

You know you’re still going to go ahead with a traditional affair, but you don’t know when. After all, you wouldn’t want to cancel and put those fine jewellery Singapore to waste, right? Sure, the wedding may well turn out differently from what you had in mind – it may be smaller, held during the off-season, or in a totally different location. But before it breaks your spirit, think about this: you are going to marry the love of your life, no matter how the celebration may look. So, start putting together plan A and B and get ready to have serious conversations with your venue and vendors. Moreover, remember that many vendors are mom-and-pop shops, so by moving forwards with your wedding plan, you are helping them to keep their businesses.


Postpone Your Wedding 

The sad reality is that some of us are losing their loved ones at this time, so you should be grateful if you still have your loved one right by your side, even if your wedding has to be postponed. Yes, it does suck, but there are many reasons why you should postpone rather than cancel your wedding. For example, by postponing your wedding date, you may avoid the financial hit incurred from cancellation fees or non-refundable deposits. 

Additionally, rescheduling your wedding means that you get more time to have a look at the extra details. Your bridal diamond jewellery, for example – now that you have the time, maybe it’s time to consider a piece of bespoke jewellery Singapore, choose a color diamonds Singapore to complement your dress or get a personalized wedding ring. Once you found a Singapore jewellery designer that you know and trust, you can create custom made jewellery Singapore to make your day even more special. At the end of the day, what really matters is that we’re surrounded by the people we love most right now.