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Pedagogy is in charge of studying the phenomena of education, as well as designing the best procedures for its correct application. Therefore, it is a discipline in charge of establishing teaching methods, which is considered a social process. The labor field of pedagogy is, therefore, very broad, since it works in different areas such as the school sector, social, cultural and business fields.

This discipline is part of the social and human sciences, and is supported by other subjects such as psychology, sociology, philosophy and even history. It therefore studies phenomena related to training and teaching.

It is sometimes believed that pedagogy is necessarily related to teaching, but this is not always the case. The field of pedagogy, moreover, is involved in approximately thirteen areas. Although, of course, there is also a branch of pedagogy that is responsible for training professionals in teaching or extracurricular activities, from the didactic point of view.

The pedagogue’s vocation is directly linked to education, methodology and training, and is based on theoretical and practical research. This makes him/her a professional expert in education, capable of elaborating pertinent diagnoses and, at the same time, providing advice for the realization of activities that contribute to the creation and consolidation of an integral, effective and formative education system.

The pedagogue is also in charge of leading educational teams (teachers, educators, directors and students) in a socially stable environment, as well as following up on the coordination, orientation and motivation of personnel. He/she may also be involved in the creation and design of didactic material necessary to create methodological learning resources.

Another of the special activities of pedagogy is to take care of the link between the child or young person and the family, so that it can determine if there is a problem of another nature, whether biological or social, in the learning capacity of an individual.

Pedagogy focuses on the education of children, young people and also older people, so you need to acquire sufficient skills to develop as a good trainer.

Profile of the pedagogue

As it is a profession focused on educational development, it requires a great commitment, a true vocation, as well as some specific characteristics and skills. Some of the requirements are:

  • Broad interest in education in general, as the pedagogue must be able to understand the educational needs of the different stages of life.
  • Intuition and observation skills to identify a problem and, step by step, find a way to solve it.
  • Ability to work in a team to plan educational and pedagogical strategies, which can also be applied in the working world.
  • Ease of expression and good comprehension
  • Social skills, in such a way that he/she can adapt to the different personalities of his/her interlocutors.
  • Responsibility and ethics to work in such a sensitive environment as children’s education
  • Social commitment
  • Interest in and knowledge of social, artistic and cultural issues.
  • Constancy and discipline for research, training and practice.

In addition, the student must be open and adapt very well to different social environments, both for study and observation as well as to work within them once he/she becomes a professional.

Pedagogy’s field of work and job prospects

Currently, pedagogy graduates find an extensive and variable labor field that allows them to choose to work in the school sector or even in other social, cultural and business fields.

Pedagogues can work in the management and direction of early childhood education institutes, both public and private, as well as in the consultancy of educational plans in companies or institutions. They can also be involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of educational projects, as well as in the assessment of pedagogical resources for academic and recreational projects.

In addition, the field of pedagogy also includes the supervision of educational projects or plans for children with disabilities who require special attention and who, therefore, are in a situation of vulnerability.

Currently, it is common to find pedagogical professionals in inclusion or rehabilitation programs for children or young people who have been victims of domestic violence or who have lived in high-risk communities, supporting them with various techniques and strategies to improve their learning, as well as their environment and psychosocial development.

The labor field is very wide for the pedagogue and he/she can decide whether to do it from a public or private place, dependent or autonomous, according to his/her training needs or interests.

Also, as job prospects, there is teaching and research at the academic level. In many cases, these studies are necessary, especially if another degree in pedagogy is required.

The pedagogue is not necessarily forced to work with childhood education issues, but can also specialize as a youth counselor or even in adult education, this area is becoming more and more frequent and also offers a wide range of employment.

Pedagogy is a highly employable career, due to its diverse areas of study and disciplines, which ensures a successful job placement.

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