All female conversations are said to be equivalent to a good therapy / counselling session. Yes, males are great, however there is something special that happens when females get together. Whether it be to work, chat or vent about life’s struggles, females are able to connect on a whole another level which, let’s be real, men will never understand nor be able to match. Just think, when you catch up with your girlfriends, the conversations are just that little bit different compared to a conversation with a significant male in your life, is it not? When you chat to your female friends it is almost like a weight has been lifted off your chest. Males could be saying the exact same message of advice to you that your female friend says to you but you just don’t truly believe it until you hear it from a female. This is why when booking that annual wellness retreat for yourself, it is so beneficial to be selecting a retreat that is women only. 

‘When women work together, it is a bond unlike any other’ – Victoria Principal. 


Female Only Safe Zone 

Women-only retreats create a special safe zone place. Whether you are on this retreat for a break mentally, a break from work, the kids or even your partner, it is nice to go onto a retreat where you can be free from reality and just let go from everything that may be pulling you away. It creates an atmosphere where there Is no pressure to what you look like, what you wear or what you choose to do with your time. This retreat’s focus becomes all about you and what you truly want. 


Connect with like-minded humans 

Develop a connection with your fellow sisters and have those conversations where you can talk about anything in the world and there will be no judgments or pressures to fit in. Let your mind run free and truly relax. 


Yoga & Fitness Packages 

Working out or developing your yoga skills in a female only environment creates another incredible environment. It creates a supportive and no judgment dynamic which allows you to truly focus on what you are doing and your breathing. 


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