As with most types of B2B businesses globally today, B2C and B2B law firms are making use of digital marketing to boost client acquisition. Online activities such as building a social media presence and enhancing websites have become important digital law firm marketing strategies throughout the years. But in 2020, as markets continue to become more competitive, how do B2B law firms utilize B2B marketing strategies to improve their law firm marketing activities?


It’s important to take a look at how other industries are operating their marketing efforts. Technology marketing and financial services marketing activities are some of the more specialized B2B marketing fields today. Law firm marketing and legal marketing sprung from the need for law firms, both B2C and B2B, to marketing their services to specific audiences. For law firms, they may target their marketing messaging to those in their local area. It would make sense for a business or individual to seek legal counsel from a law firm that is well within their city or near their place of operations.


In 2020, more law firms are set to develop their digital law firm marketing strategies around their customers. Inbound Law Marketing provides some of the most insightful and important digital law firm marketing strategies to consider to boost client acquisition this year.


How to Improve Digital Law Firm Marketing Strategy to Earn Better Leads


Design better, optimized landing pages for impactful digital law firm marketing.

One of the pillars of your digital law firm marketing strategy must be to design, build, and maintain optimized landing pages. In terms of B2C, Big Commerce reports that “ecommerce landing pages can play an important role in motivating traffic to continue engaging with your brand and ultimately convincing them to make a purchase.” The same concepts can be applied to B2B purchasing. When a user, say, an HR manager or a C-level professional comes upon your law firm’s website, he or she will rely on his or her experience on your landing page or website to determine if they would want to do business with you. As per Big Commerce, “Decision making is less about logic and more about the emotions that influence user reactions when users are on a personalized landing page.” This is where personalization comes in and personalization goes beyond designing landing pages to curating content for specific customer personas.


Utilize live chat for better overall customer experience.

A potential customer often comes to your website or landing page with a question or problem in mind. They arrive seeking a solution, which your products or services seek to solve. Live chat enables B2B law firms to interact with leads in real time and create personal touches, for example based on their location. According to LiveChat Inc., as much as 97% of those who prefer live chat do so because they are able to get their questions answered in a timely manner, versus sending in an email query, which takes a longer response time. LiveChat Inc. also reports that those who are invited to chat are about 6.3 times more likely to convert. As part of a digital law firm marketing strategy, live chat sets a compelling case when creating a better overall customer experience.


Launch an SEO campaign to improve Google search results rankings.

An SEO campaign is defined by the Keyword Tool Blog as “a planned effort of optimizing a page or website to improve its Google SEO rankings,” which activities include “keyword research, web audit, SEO analysis, on-page optimization, link building, and many more.” But why do you need an SEO campaign to rank higher in Google search results? Because according to Neil Patel, as much as 75% of those searching on Google will never go past the first page of the search results. This means that your website or landing page must fall within Google’s real estate prime property: the first page of the results and even better, the first few results that come up. Your digital law firm marketing must be founded on the fact that your website and your brand would be easy and effortless to find on Google.


Run a Google Adwords campaign to targeted audiences to boost your digital law firm marketing strategy.

For those who are willing to put in budgets for paid ads on Google, go for a Google AdWords campaign that lets your website rank higher in Google search results and appear in other related websites through a bidding process. However, it’s not just all about the money you put in. Google still considers the quality of your website and your bid amount before granting you a sweet spot in that Google real estate prime property. To know more about quality score, visit Neil Patel.

Utilize legal directories to increase exposure.

Inbound Law Marketing recommends a simple way to increase exposure: be present in legal directories. Find out which legal directories are the go-to for those in your area, city, state, or country. Depending on the directory, they may provide you with free links or paid spots.

Digital Law Firm Marketing for B2B Law Firms

As with technology marketing and financial services marketing, legal marketing and law firm marketing are already utilizing digital technologies to increase their market shares and land better leads. If your business is new to such technologies, get in touch with a B2B marketing firm to help you develop better strategies this year.