Pantone, the leading provider of color systems in many industries, picks one color to represent each year. In 2017, the chosen Color of the Year was Greenery, which symbolizes “a new beginning” and brings the year in a completely new, refreshing way. Many couples have opted for greenery-inspired weddings, so if you’re looking for inspirations to get your planning started, you’ve come to the right place.


Colour Theme and Decor

Since flowers and plants can be easily incorporated into any theme and decor, green is a hue that you will continue to see in weddings, no matter the year. Greenery goes with just about any wedding color that you can think of – rustic, industrial, boho, modern – you name it. Adding a touch of greenery on each table can completely transfer the area into a festive, beautiful dinner party. Set out an assortment of cute succulents or various-sized mason jars with assorted greens on each table, and allow each guest to take one plant home as party merchandise. This is a great idea to remind your guest of your big night, while also helping you to minimize your pack up time at the end of the night and reduce waste. 


Greenery-Inspired Wardrobe and Cards

If you are planning to have this lush hue as your wedding color, you are in luck – almost any accent color can work with green. As for the wedding stationery, create a cohesive set of stationery that incorporates your green hue with lush leaves and a pop of your accent color. Whether you choose swirly and elaborate or a modern sans-serif font, green hues will give guests the instant feel of simplistic nature that they can expect to see on your big day. 


Greenery Wedding Jewellery

Is a crystal-clear diamond engagement ring too mainstream for you? Good news – with a green-inspired theme, you get to pick nature-inspired and unique jewelry. For the bride, create a completely unique Singapore custom jewellery to your look. Some birthday months have green gemstones as their birthstones – such as emerald for May – so brides who were born in May can opt for emerald gemstone Singapore. Another great idea is to wear a stunning diamond necklace Singapore with an emerald gemstone in the center. 

Incorporating timeless green into your wedding day will be a decision that you will not regret for the rest of your life. If you are looking for private jewellers Singapore to get your wedding jewellery, be sure to visit Infiniti Jewels.